Departures schedule

After receiving of planed arrival times of participants we formed mini-buses departure timetable. Some delays of departure time are possible due to delays of airplane arrivals.

From Airport Nikola Tesla to Vrnjačka Banja (Hotel Zvezda)

11. May 2013.     18:00 hours

12. May 2013.     14:00 hours;     16:00 hours;     18:30 hours

From Vrnjačka Banja to Airport Nikola Tesla and Belgrade city

16. May 2013.     09:00 hours;     11:30 hours;     15:00 hours

Departure in 15:00: Passengers will be driven to airport and after that, for colleagues who are staying in Belgrade one more night, to Belgrade downtown area.

All passengers in every departure will be informed by email which bus they should catch.

Mini-busses will be parked infront of main airport exit with clear EUCARPIA sign on the table below windshield.